We make beautiful games

We make beautiful games

We are joytiny Team. We make beautiful games. Games that we are proud of!

Our games


Bullet King: Fun Cartoon Shoot

Adventure shooting games featuring colorful characters for free that will be perfect for you if you are looking for lighthearted free shooting games for kids or adults


Our games


Bruke Lim : The Legend Returns

Become the master of Jeet Kune Do, you can unleash the power right now.
Transform into Bruke Lee, a young hero with powerful kung fu to fight the criminal gangs that are roaming in the US and rescue his wife – Linda Lim

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Bullet Warriors: 3vs3 Shooter

Take control of your favorite hero as you fight for victory in intense 2-minute skirmishes. It’s time to sharpen your steel and load your lead!


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Lucky Warriors

Lucky Warriors base on a very simple and popular gameplay on the world what we improve and apply it to the next level in the lucky world for better play, look and feel.


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Sudoku Master – Sudoku Game

Free Sudoku game, suitable for sudoku puzzle beginners and sudoku experts. Whether you want to practice your logical thinking or just spend your free time, playing our Sudoku world tour puzzle game will be a great choice!


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Dance 2048

A mobile game with a 2048 fun theme bringing you brand-new fun content of the game, feel the charm and new experience of the game. You can’t wait for what you are waiting for!


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Super Slots

Start your treasure hunt and spin to win every day!
With endless bonuses and free spins, you can enjoy the thrill of being in the Super Slots world! Spin to win big now!

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Neon Fruit 2248

Neon Fruit 2248 is a popular and unique puzzle game with a different style. Even if you don’t love numbers, you will love this game.

In Neon Fruit 2248, you can easily link numbered neon slots and combine them to create a slot with the value of 2248. Each one has UNIQUE EMOTIONS when you connect via slots and cool effects after you release it.

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Square Zoo

In Square Zoo, you can easily link numbered animals and combine them to create an animal with a value of 2248. It will improve your problem-solving ability. Have fun exercising your brain. This puzzle game will be your next brain game.

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Crypto Dom

Crypto Dom is a unique graphic puzzle game with brain training ability. You will feel drawn to cryptocurrencies with increasing numbers and increasing difficulty. Let everyone know the highest score you got and challenge your friends or smart players all over the world.

Our games


Cat Shooter : Pinata Breaker

Cat Shooter is a super cool game where your only goal is to break the dangling pinatas. To do that, all you have to do is attack with all the weapons on the pinatas.