Neon Fruit 2248

Neon Fruit 2248

If you are looking for something special, try Neon Fruit 2248.
If you are bored with the usual link games, try Neon Fruit 2248.

Neon Fruit 2248 is a popular and unique puzzle game with different style. Even if you don’t love numbers, you will love this game.

Neon Fruit 2248

Game features

Neon Fruit 2248 offers rich special features to keep you entertained:

  • Destroy slot machine items
  • Dig a path to the board every turn and can only match or multiply by 2 numbers
  • Find hidden treasures
  • More and more features….

Everything you can imagine, you can find in our game.

Game’s Benefits

Keep playing to improve your 2248 strategy. If you beat the game and want to master it, try to finish with a big score. That will take you to the top-rated players.
Keep merging numbers to get the highest possible number



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