Bruke Lim : The Legend Returns

Bruke Lim : The Legend Returns

Bruke Lee : The Legend Returns A fighting game for the lovers of martial arts games. Bruke Lee game may be a 3d action game that includes various fighting genres like jump up and down, boxing, art, and wrestling game. Join the self-defense karate fighting club and choose your favorite character color fighter and show your wrestling fighting expertise to become a champion martial art in Bruke Lee : The Legend Returns.


Game Features

1. Intuitive Gameplay
2. Release the FURY’s Power
3. Equip Weapons
4. Power Buff
5. Suits
6. Amazing reward


About the game

When a part of the city is turned into a private reserve for criminals, all the gangs are about to take over the city. A street fighter Bruke Lim, known as the youngest kungfu master decided to stand up and works his way through all the mafia gangsters of the crime-ridden city in USA. Bruke Lim wants to regain freedom of the streets before it gets even worse. Fight to take down a corrupt system by his courage and special skills. Let’s follow his kungfu footsteps



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