Sudoku Master – Sudoku Game

Sudoku Master – Sudoku Game

Free Sudoku game, suitable for sudoku puzzle beginners and sudoku experts. Solve sudoku puzzles in the classic sudoku game, whether you want to practice your logical thinking or just to spend your free time, playing our Sudoku world tour puzzle game will be a great choice!

Sudoku Master

Game features

  • 3 types of classic sudoku grid sizes: 4 × 4, 6 × 6 and 9 × 9
  • Many levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert
  • Detailed game rules: Guide you to play sudoku step by step
  • Notes: Helps you keep track of possible numbers
  • Smart Hints: guide you through puzzles when you get stuck

How to play

  • Fill all rows, columns, and 3×3 blocks with numbers 1-9 exactly like in classic sudoku
  • Pay attention to nests – groups of cells are indicated by marked areas.
  • Make sure the total in each cage is equal to the number in the upper left corner of the cage.
  • The specific rule of this logic puzzle is that the sum of all numbers for each 3×3 block, row, or column is always 45.
  • Numbers cannot be repeated in nested, single row, column, or 3×3 area.



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