Cat Shooter : Pinata Breaker

Cat Shooter : Pinata Breaker

This is arcade game with colorful graphics and simple gameplay. Here, the user will do whatever he can to break the piñata. In each level, players will find a new shape that you want to break to get coins to buy new equipment and weapons. Cat Shooter is a quirky game but offers a gameplay that’s not entertaining or even fun.

Cat Shooter : Pinata Breaker

Game features

Join the game, you can enjoy these features:

– Travel around the world.
– Fight with colorful and crazy pinatas.
– Use coins to buy weapons
– Game easy to play, simple graphics
– Buy and upgrade different weapons to become more powerful.
– Smash those cute pinatas and get all the coins they have.

Let’s play it!

Despite the simple gameplay, Cat Shooter still has beautiful colorful 2D graphics. The pictures are bright and fun like cartoons for kids. The game gives you the feeling that you are participating in a fun and crazy birthday party. The sound also adds to the fun of the game.
Each time you tap the screen, you’ll throw a weapon at the pinatas, causing the coin to drop. The only way to miss an attack on pinatas is if you tap the screen too fast, too many times in a row. It is important that you hit at a steady speed so as not to miss a single attack.



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