How can I keep my account safe?


How can I keep my account safe?

  • Connect your account to Supercell ID.
    • WHY? Through Supercell ID, you are best able to control access to your account. Connecting to Supercell ID also helps us help you.
  • Never share your account with anyone and never play other peoples’ accounts.
    • WHY? You might never regain sole access to your account again or might get your accounts banned. For more information on unaccepted behavior, see here.
  • Don’t share details about yourself or your account in Chat.
    • WHY? Sharing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) puts your privacy and your account security at risk.
  • Don’t try to recover your friend’s account for them.
    • WHY? Attempting to recover other players’ accounts through Support is considered phishing. We have no way to verify whether your friend has asked for your help or not. Please ask your friend to contact Support themselves.

For more examples of what might get you in trouble, please see our list of unaccepted behavior.


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